CBD Dosage Calculator

Although we can not legally make claims regarding the health benefits of CBD, we can correlate data from scientific and medical sources and present this CBD Dosage Calculator.

One of the most important questions is how to determine the amount of CBD that is a good starting point. 

We have created this handy guide to serve as an informational CBD dosage calculator to demonstrate a suggested starting point.



We have considered these basic factors when calculating dosage:

• Your weight

• Severity

• Your tolerance to CBD

Other items such as your metabolism and diet will play a key role in the effectiveness. As always, exercise and diet are important.

Now that you know your approximate dosage, lets keep in mind that your weight may change. This can cause your CBD dosage to change a bit as well. If you lose weight, your CBD dosage may need to go down. If you gain weight, your CBD dosage may need to increase.

If possible, keep a daily log of your CBD dosage and record your progress. Only you can make the needed adjustments accordingly.

Similar to your weight being a factor, your tolerance level to CBD can be a major factor as well. Analyzing your tolerance to CBD often requires weeks, months, or even years to determine, much less to modify.

If you're new to CBD, it's safe to say your tolerance level is lower than that of a Veteran CBD user.

At this point, we would like to remind you that our Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels are below the Federal legal limit. Our product will not get you high. If you are looking for a psychoactive (getting high) effect - save your money and exit our site; our CBD's are not for you.

All of these factors should be considered, tweaked, and recorded as you work through the CBD dosage calculator.

In comparison to other products on the market, our CBD Dosage Calculation Method will result in different dosages and percentages of CBD per dose. This is due to our purity and potency.

Products from other companies will more than likely look extremely different.

It just takes a bit of simple math to find how much CBD to take as a conservative starting point.

Step one: Strength in CBD milligrams (MG).

Read the label of your CBD oil of choice to find the amount of CBD (in milligrams) per volume. With that information, use this simple method to find the dose that’s a good starting point for you.

Step two: Serving size.

The bottles that we sell contain 30 milliliters (ML) by volume.

A full dripper (glass tube with measurement indicators under the cap) has the maximum capacity of one milliliter.

There are approximately 20 drops in one milliliter.

Sample Calculation

You want to buy a 2000MG CBD strength bottle.

You understand that 2000MG CBD divided by 30ML = 66.66MG CBD.

You also understand that there are 20 drops per milliliter, thereby making each drop contain 3.33MG of CBD.

You used our calculator and said you weigh 180 pounds, you are new to CBD (low tolerance), and your condition is severe.

Serving Size: 8.10 drops

Amount Per Serving: 27 MG

Three times daily (every 8 hours), total CBD in milligrams per day is 81 MG

Now, let’s say you are a 180-pound male, your condition is minor, and you are new to CBD (low tolerance). In this case, you have determined that a 500MG CBD strength is what you would like.

Your starting dosage from our calculator would be 5.40mg. 500MG/30/20 = .83 per drop.

Serving Size: 14.94 drops

Amount Per Serving: 18MG

Three times daily (every 8 hours), total CBD in milligrams per day is 54 MG

We hope that we have demonstrated that the higher the strength, the less you will need to use.

Determine the suggested starting dosage for your weight and condition. Do a little simple math. Someone press the "that was easy" button.