K9 Oil Supplement - Instant Relief For Pets

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Kos Tonics

Product Overview

K9 Oil Supplement (KOS) Tonics with Hemp Extract, Omegas and Natural Tocopherols.

k9 oil supplements instant relief for pet products

Instant relief for your dog or cat in an edible tonic.

Helps Immune System, Heart Health, Inflammation, Cognitive Function and More.

• Organic • Non GMO • Natural

Salmon Fish Oil and Omegas

These Omegas boost your canine dog immune system, support heart health, healthy joints, healthy skin and coat, cognitive function and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Natural Mixed Tocopherols

Vitamin E plays a role in strengthening the canine dog immune system, preventing clogged arteries, and potentially in warding off cancer, helping to prevent eyesight loss, and stabilizes cell membranes.

Farm Fresh Hemp Extract

We don't need a ton of hemp to make this work. A little goes a long way, especially since it is high in purity and in a concentrated form. Hemp is not the only ingredient. Hemp is complimented with other essential ingredients in our scientific formula.

instant relief for pet products wholesale

ALL NATURAL and 100% USA Made

All of our products are organic and all natural ingredients that are toxin free. Our entire line of DNA Hemp Company products do not contain any dangerous synthetic chemicals, stimulants or pesticides.


Our products are properly manufactured, safe and legal and can simply be ordering here at our website without a doctors prescription.

Helps Your Dog or Cat with Common Pet Problems with ZERO overseas sources.

  • Does not contain any dangerous synthetic chemicals, stimulants or pesticides.
  • Inflammation
  • Joint Health
  • Chronic Pain
  • Cognitive Health
  • Heart Health
  • Immune System
  • Stress & Tension
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Anxienty
  • Skin & Coat
  • Post Surgery
  • Factory fresh
  • Lot number printed for quality control
  • Consistency in taste, effectiveness and production
  • Validated formulas engineered by Ph.D. Chemists
  • Veteran owned (business ethics and customer safety are paramount)
  • 100% committed to Customer Service

Recommended Dosages (Spray):

Small (Under 15lbs): 1-2 Sprays Per Day
Medium (15-40lbs): 2-3 Sprays Per Day
Large (40-75lbs): 3-4 Sprays Per Day
X-Large (+75lbs): 4-5 Sprays Per Day

Recommended Dosages (Dropper):

Small (Under 15lbs): 2-4 Drops Per Day
Medium (15-40lbs): 4-6 Drops Per Day
Large (40-75lbs): 6-8 Drops Per Day
X-Large (+75lbs): 8-10 Drops Per Day

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Get some relief for your aging furry family members

CBD for Pets CBD Pet Spray 100% USA Made CBD for Pets


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